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How to Build a Free Website

Where to Get a Free a Website

There are many places to get free hosting of websites, but more often than not your webpage is actually part of their large website and you have their header image at the top of the page and possibly their adverts at the botton of the page. Sometimes your own page even has columns of adverts showing as part of your page! In this article How to Build a Free Website we will show you where to get and how to build a free webpage.

I would like to introduce you to because SimplePage is different. You get to quickly and easily create your own fully independent web page with its own unique url or web address. This free domain, actually a sub-domain is generated for you when you create your page.

A header image can be added and you can decide the width, background color, even background image for yourself.

Creating Your Free Website

SimplePage offers you a quick, easy and free way to create your webpages.
You choose your page name, and that becomes your domain name. Then you select an appropriate category and niche - this will be used for indexing your website. Then you simply start typing up your copy. Of course you can add photos, graphics and even links to other other sites if you like. Also you can change font sizes and colors. that way you get just the look you are after.

Contact Forms
Contact forms are automatically provided for you if you wish without any need to know any coding. Simply tick the contact form box "yes" and it will be created for you!

Free List Builder.
You can add the list builder plugin from ExpressResponse and then you will start collecting email address for your newsletter or promotions list.

SEO Enhancement
You can set up your on-page SEO by changing the SimplePage default SEO settings. You can have control over the following settings:
Meta tag:Title
Meta tag:Abstract
Meta tag:Subject
Meta tag:Description
Meta tag:Keywords
Meta tag:Classification
Meta tag:Author

Backlink Anchor: 1st Keyphrase
Backlink Anchor: 2nd Keyphrase
Backlink Anchor: 3rd Keyphrase
Backlink Anchor: 4th Keyphrase
Backlink Anchor: 5th Keyphrase

Your Control Panel

With your free account, you have your access to your own Control Panel where you can manage all your SimplePages from one screen. Easy and fast editing makes instantaneous changes to your website.

SimplePage is a developing platform. This means that additional features are being added all the time.

About SimplePage Website Creator

First, it's free. Completely FREE.

Your web page builder costs you nothing.

Second, you won't need a designer. If you can use a wordprocessor software like word, or even if you can't, you will find the SimplePage editor very easy. Take a look at the example sites to get an idea of what can be done.

Third, you won't need a web developer. Your SimplePage can be expanded and linked to other SimplePages. If you want to develop a full website you can add Support Pages that link to your main SimplePage. Backlinks and menus are created automatically for you.

The SimplePage software platform allows you to have full control over all of your content, 24/7. You can edit your content, add pages, move pages around and even change your design whenever you wish. All changes are reflcted immediatedly with no messing around with FTP or other hassles. As your business grows, your SimplePage website can grow along with you.

Fourth, no contracts, no commitment from you at all. You are always free to leave the system any time you wish.