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How to Add a Header Image

Adding a Header Image

The header image is added seperately from other images. It also uses a different method to access the image. Where as the images for your page content are linked images - that means they are already on the internet somewhere and you link to them, your header image is one that you upload from your computer to the Simple Page server.

Selecting Your Header Image

Your first step is to select an appropriate image. If you have already decided on a fixed width for your webpage, it would look best if your header image is the same width. The uploader script with resize your image according to the width you select and it will re-size proportinately up to a maximum hieght of 300px.

To avoid image distortion you should select an image with a width close to your desired width and a height of close to 200px.

So, if you have selected a width of 800px for your Simple Page then your image should also be 800px wide. You can trim images with many graphic software packages. I use Easy capture to capture images directly from my monitor and then I cut them to approximate size that I want. I try and cut the image so the height is between 200px - 250px. That way if the upload script adjusts the height a little, it will still be less than 300px and will not get distorted.

How to Add the Header Image

From the main Edit page you need to scroll down to the bottm and find the:
"Add Header and Listing Images:" and change the selector to YES. Then click on the "Update Page Data" button and you will go to the image upload page. If you have uploaded an image before, it will display it. To change the image, from nothing or from an existing image you need to select the "Keep existing header image ?" to NO.
Then use the browse box to select an image from your computer.

The other thing to do is to select the desired position of your header image - usually we center them, but you can try right or left positioning to see how it looks. Finaly select the width for the image and then hit the "Complete Page Update" button.

Adding the Listing Image

There are infact two images you can upload, one is the header image, the second is the listing image.
The "listing image" is used in the "Simple Page Directory" along with a description of your webpage. This directory will drive extra traffic to your website.

The "listing image" will be resized to 150px x 150px so it is best to select a square image otherwise the resized imaged will be distorted.