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How to Add Images to Free Website

Is Suitable For Complete Beginners?

The simple answer is a definite YES!

We are going to look at how to add images to out free website using the free website builder software. The Simple Page platform is as easy to use as any basic word processor.

Adding Images to Simple Pages

In fact it is a lot LESS complicated than most word processor programs.
There is a small editor bar with just a few buttons to let you change font colors, font size, add headings, add images and links. These help you to build a free website

Even though the input areas are quite obvious, there is a link to a detailed explanation page where you can see full explanations for each input area and on that page you can also input the your entries.

On the list of sample pages is one that was created by a 13 year old Turksh boy who has limited English. He loves Ford Mustangs and so created a page about them ! Since its free ... why not.

One thing to remember is that your images should be on the internet already because you need to supply a url for them. So if you have images that are or your computer you should first upload them to one of the many free file sharing sites. This will help you to create an easy website.

Here is a short list:

These are free photo sharing sites where you can upload your pictures and then use the url in the Simple Page editor to add an image.

If you want to change the dimesions of your image for you page, you can do so by adding a your desired width and height in px. For example, usually you have this tags in the editor:

To change the size of the displayed image just add "=widthxheight" to the tags, like this:


So you see how to create an easy website with images just the size you want.

Positioning Your Images

Positioning the images is pretty simple as well. There are two buttons that make text flow around your image. One button shows the image to the left hand sied with text flowing around it and the other shows the image to the right hand side.

As with all the buttons, you first need to highlight the text that you want to effect by the button. In this case it will be your image source and the tags. So using the above example: When you highlight the line below and click on the left justify button you get additonal tags added:


These lp ( left position) tags are added:


There are rp tags as well - for right positioning.

You can of course just type these tags in if you prfer, the buttons are only shortcuts. If you want to center images just highlight the code line and click on the centering button. That wraps the code with [c] tags. Again you can type these in if you prefer.

So as you can see, creating a simple web page with nice images is really easy to do.

What if Images don't line up how I want them ?
Sometimes you get two images on the same line. This is because you have nor added enough text between the images. If you don't want to add any more text to your webpage, you can pad the space out with blank lines.

Just add a few empty lines before the next images, hit "Update" then refresh the page in you browser to see the difference.